Overhead and side showers
A feel-good product for the home – showering fun at the touch of a button
Hansgrohe overhead showers are an incomparable source of refreshment and relaxation. They envelop your body in dream-like shower rain, gently douse you in water, massage, and thoroughly rinse out shampoo. They are also a delight to look at – creating real architectural highlights in your bathroom. Experience versatile showering fun at the touch of a button with our Select overhead showers.
26234700 Matt White / 26234000 Chrome
26230700 Matt White / 26230000 Chrome
26231700 Matt White / 23231000 Chrome
26232700 Matt White / 26232000 Chrome
26226700 Matt White / 2622600 Chrome
26228700 Matt White / 26228000 Chrome

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