iControl E διακόπτης / διανομέας

White Matt

iControl E διακόπτης / διανομέας

Πληροφορίες Προϊόντος

  •  for mounting on the iBox universal
  •  finish set consisting of: handles, sleeves, escutcheon, mixing unit
  •  shut-off and diverter valve for controlling two outlets, individually or at the same time
  •  integrated shut-off valve for controlling a third outlet
  •  all 3 outlets can be operated at the same time
  •  1 inlet, 3 outlets
  •  for use with
  •  basic set iBox universal no.01800180
  •  Extension Set Ø 150mm no.13597000
  •  iControl flushing board no.15956000