The smart, informed choice: all-in-one packages consisting of hand shower and shower bar

Shower sets from hansgrohe consist of a hand shower, shower bar plus shower hose, and are convenient, customised and safe combinations for your shower or bath tub. You can integrate them in a variety of bathroom styles and install them on existing fittings or wall connections without a problem. Since we also offer nearly all our hand showers in the form of a set, you are free to choose.

Shower bars for greater flexibility

A hansgrohe shower bar is sturdy, easy to clean and features a smooth shower slide. These enable you to attach the shower head at the required height – to suit all body sizes, age groups and individual shower positions. The shower slides have inclination angles, offering you convenient adjustment options. You can choose from bars of 0.65 m and 0.90 m in length. The Unica E shower bar is also available in a length of 1.50 m.

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Νέα υπηρεσία Business Class για ακόμα πιο γρήγορες παραδόσεις, χωρίς επιπλέον χρέωση.